The time limit of express delivery and the smoke of war have begun

2019-09-21 15:57

In the express business, there are two dividing lines of influence, one is the weight line and the other is the time limit line. The weight line divides small express and large express, and the time line divides business and e-commerce.

Business is 2B business, the more accurate the better, e-commerce is 2C business, the sooner the better. These two "lines" are divided into different types of express delivery enterprises owned by the business market. Regardless of warehouse allocation mode, in the network express enterprises, Shunfeng Express has the fastest time limit. Therefore, Shunfeng's most advantageous express business is small express delivery, which occupies a more profitable high-end market. Although the smallest volume and the lowest market share, Shunfeng's revenue is the highest among express companies. However, Newbie Express has always been at a disadvantage in terms of stability and timeliness, which makes it difficult to reach the higher-end express market. The long-term performance-price ratio of "Newbie Express" to achieve the upgrade from bottom to top, the challenge is not small.

Now the gap between the time limit is gradually narrowing, the weight line is becoming clearer and clearer. Behind the battle of grabbing express business is the sniper battle of the time limit of express delivery. From this point of view, we can see that a few days ago, the express companies such as Joint Venture, Yunda, Yuantong, Shentong and Baishi announced the speedup of express delivery in the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, and we can see that this move has a certain ability to mobilize the whole body.

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